New Back Door Handle and Escutcheons (Key Hole Covers)

04 May

The Problem

Handle plate unscrewed showing key hole

Handle plate unscrewed showing key hole

This was a relatively new door handle on a new door. The inside of the unit had broken and the door could be unlocked but could not be opened.

This was a very small job but it needed to be done

  • If there had been a fire, the occupants could not have escaped through the back door.
  • The family dog was very distressed not being able to get into the yard.
  • For insurance purposes, the family car had to be parked in the yard overnight. The yard had a high wall and high gate. The gate was padlocked from the inside. To park the car in the yard securely, someone would have had to climb over the gate to unlock it then, after parking the car, lock the gate and climb back over in order to get out of the yard. They would have to climb back over in the morning to get the car out of the yard, lock the gate from the inside and then climb back out over the gate again!

There was another problem with the original door furniture.

The door lock was part of the fitting and the key hole was open. In the winter, the keyhole had to be stuffed with a rag to stop a severe draft blowing through.

The Solution

  1. Remove the fixing plate on the inside of the door to access the inner parts in order to open the door and make a temporary repair so the door could be opened and latched easily.
  2. Source replacement fittings in order to replace the original fixing.
  3. Source suitable key hole covers (escutcheons) for the inside and outside of the door to stop drafts.
  4. Remove the original door furniture, fit new handle and escutcheons.
  5. Make good by filling old screw holes and repainting door.

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